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Sun-Times Front Page Marz Timms


Need a laugh amid Coronavirus blues? We enlisted these Chicago comics to give you one.

We're all cooped up at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So the Sun-Times asked these comedians to share a joke to give us all a little lift.

By Sun-Times Apr 24, 2020

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Chicago Magazine Interview with Marz Timms


“I always look at comedy as a competition,” says Marz Timms. “It’s us onstage competing with the things that are going on in your life. Our job is to make you, for the hour that we’re onstage, forget about those troubles.”

Modern Luxury Men's Book Interview with Marz Timms


Timms is constantly striving to find the edge and balance without falling over.

Telluride Daily News Interview with Marz Timms


“We don’t have the mountains of Telluride in Chicago,” Timms  said. “I learned by riding a sled down my front steps as a kid.”

The Aspen Times Interview with Marz Timms


Timms, a Chicago-based comic, is a devoted snowboarder. He launched the tour by getting sponsors like Burton, Monson and other snow sports companies on board, as he conceived of what he’s calling the “Black Ice Tour.”

12 Freshest Comics - Chicago Magazine


Timms elicits even more squeals with Pimprov, a dressed-to-kill, so-wrong-they’re-right all-black quartet so funny you’ll shoot beer through your nose.

QC Times Interview with Marz Timms


It's about the layers of the show and how smart the characters can be. You can say something crass, but if it's not said in a funny way (people won't laugh)," said Marz Timms, who co-founded the Chicago comedy troupe 11 years ago.

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